Storage Solutions

We understand how the current storage solutions are expensive, inaccessible and non environment friendly. Thus, we provide a cost-effective, microclimate based storage that extends shelf-life and preserves the freshness of fruits and vegetables anywhere between 5 to 30 days. The entire setup can be easily installed/ uninstalled and doubly acts as on-field & on-market storage.


Organic compost acts as a high quality supplement for plant growth, thus helping in sustenance. In collaboration with Rise foundation, we set up composting bins that use a waste decomposer solution. The resulting manure help boost production and substitute the use of fertilizers.

B2B and B2C LInkages

Building better market connections is more than just finding a market in the agricultural ecosystem to sell the produce. It means leveraging market ties to find the best price for a certain produce. Beyond this, Enactus Dcac works closely with FPOs to build forward linkages citing payment security, an average rise in income of 15-20% and consistency of demand.