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What is Enactus DCAC?

A not-for-profit student body organization persevering for more than 9 years, Enactus Delhi College of Arts and Commerce is a chapter of an international organization that connects students, academia and social businesses through entrepreneurial based projects. We strive to empower people to transform given opportunities into simple solutions; which in turn results in the upliftment of themselves and their communities.

As of now, we here at Enactus DCAC have pioneered over 7 different Projects, empowered more than 150 entrepreneurs who are now leading a better quality of life due to our intervention than they used to before; and, all in all are proud to say that we have impacted more than 11000 lives!


What Is Project Zaraat?

Farmers in India face the problem of Post-Harvest Losses, wherein they lose produce worth in excess of Rs. 93,000 lakh crores per year. As the current storage solutions are deemed to be expensive & inaccessible for the farmers, we saw an opportunity to turn things around for the better and initiate – Project Zaraat!

Project Zaraat aims to minimize Post-Harvest Losses & uplift the farming community by enhancing forward linkages through a self-sustaining social enterprise. Via our Project, we plan to provide farmers with an affordable, microclimate-based portable storage that extends the shelf-life & preserves the freshness of produce by up to 7 days!


Our mission is to reach out to and help as many small & marginal farmers suffering due to the plague of post-harvest losses, and equip them with the tools to take matters into their own hands. Gone would be the days that the common Indian farmer would be at the mercy of middlemen with no bargaining power; rather we plan to set numerous farmers on a journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle, and a higher standard of living!


Our vision is to further make Project Zaraat more scalable and diverse by organizing our farmers into FPOs so that they are able to take advantage of collective bargaining, and introduce various other verticals into our Project such as composting, organic farming and so on!


Steps We Follow


Winner of KPMG Business Ethics Grant


Special Mention at Enactus India Early Stage National Competition


Winner of Enactus Race for a Better India


Through Project Zaraat we have influenced the lives of thousands of Farmers. They are extremely thankful for our help. And not just farmers, our B2B partners, suppliers and members applaud our efforts. Various Notable Personalities have expressed their opinions about our project and given positive feedback.

Work with us

Work with our community

Zaraat believes in the future of agriculture with a faith born not out of words but out of deeds. We aim at providing farmers with a higher standard of living by revolutionizing Indian Agriculture. We offer distinct solutions and revenue-generating models to your community by taking a closer look at the operations and striving to attain sustainability for your community. Thus Zaraat works with you to build a better future for the farmers, by the farmers, with the farmer.

FPO Integration

Zaraat with its services of B2B selling, storage solution, and farmers portal boosts the income level of the farmers and digitalizes agriculture, and FPOs work to strengthen the roots of Indian agriculture by aggregating small and marginalized farmers. Hence, to address the ultimate common goal of the development of Indian Agriculture, we let farmers from your organization to avail our services through the FPO Integration program adding a new horizon to the agricultural practices of farmers in your organization.

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